A Journey Into Scrumptious Nut Blends

I am a passionate baker who relishes in the joy of crafting mouth-watering treats for my friends, family, and community. I blend a variety of organic pure nuts with delicious and yummy spices and bake them in my ovens at home. My goal in each batch is to create an excellent, well-mixed taste that will appeal to young and old and be suitable for any occasion.

Next to myself, I have a great team of family members that assist me in other business and operation matters. I could not and would not want to run this business on my own. We all need our community around us for support.

I look forward to sharing my nuts with you, and I so hope you and your community love these healthy treats, the perfect blend of mix.

A woman holding some nuts in her hands
A white plate topped with nuts and pecans.

Our Mission and Vision

Over the years I have experimented with different spices, spice brands and nut companies. As we grow, I am continuing to experiment with flavors to create the most excellent product for our clients. Every batch might taste a little different, yet I remain true to my recipes and will keep a playful style of baking that brings creativity to every holistic flavor and even nut blend.

We are looking to find more sustainable packaging options, away from plastics, that will keep your nuts fresh as well as prevent more waste in our landfills and oceans. In the meantime, please reuse ♻️these pretty bags in your pantry and refill with bulk items. Nuts, granola, cookies, chocolate, just to name a few, will remain fresh in this Lil Bitty Nuts bag

The Perfect Blend of Mix

My unique spice mixtures are the result of years of experimentation, and they've become beloved favorites among my family and friends as homemade snacks. These nut mixes aren't just treats - they're a celebration of flavor, tradition, and community. And now, I am excited to share them with you through my cottage food business in Marin, CA (L16726). So, sit back, take a bite, and let Lil Bitty Nuts make your mealtime a little more special. My homemade holiday snacks have flavors that suit any occasion and during any season.

Have questions? Connect with me for more information.

A spoon full of nuts on top of a table.